About Us

Creative, Innovative, Next Level

The NAWAKAR brand was born on the California coast with the spirit of freedom and the Pacific currents. NAWAKAR was founded by a team passionate about outdoor sports with over a decade of experience crafting high-quality sporting equipment. NAWAKAR combines the name “Noah,” which represents hope, and “Waka,” the name of the vessels that carried the Māori across the South Pacific. Nawakar is a brand that empowers you to break free from constraints and feel liberated. Nawakar is a belief that guides you to where your heart desires.

Unlike traditional cornhole sets, which are bulky and hard to carry, you won’t want to abandon your Nawakar inflatable cornhole in your attic after two uses. Nawakar is not only lightweight but also durable. Whether in your backyard, by the pool, or at the beach, just grab it from your trunk and start the game anytime, anywhere.

We value the quality and reliability of every unit we produce. Each Nawakar Inflatable Cornhole Board is tested thoroughly before being, so the fun can start as soon as it gets to your door.